Our Community on Social Media

While we strive to keep our website populated and up-to-date with the latest news and events, the most dynamic way our 6,000 members have remained engaged with us at WRC is through our social media platforms.

From Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter and growing, having active members worldwide keeps the conversation alive and vibrant every hour of the day. With the basic engagement rules of “no religion; no politics; no hate”, we believe we have truly created the happiest place on the Internet!

On Facebook in particular, life in the Citadel is a constant buzz of excitement, support, and fun. In addition to the WRC main page, where members can catch the most important news and updates on events and charity partners, we maintain the WRC TARDIS, a closed group where all are welcome to enjoy topics ranging from fitness, to fandom, to photos of personal triumphs. We also maintain closed Facebook group common rooms for some friendly-competitive teams.

Our Instagram feed is a daily celebration of the things the WRC community is doing to get fit and change the world, the charity partners that we are honored to work with along the way, recognition of those Time Lords, Companions, and even our Villains, along with the occasional laughter and silliness along the way.

We crow like so many ravens over on Twitter constantly, because there’s always some news to share, conversation threads we simply have to chime in on, and runners worldwide who share incredible things with us. Add us to your followers, and be a part of the joyful noise!