Oh, brilliant! It’s finally time to set the controls back to the top of the year, and get wibbly-wobbly!


Whovian Running Club is thrilled to announce that our eagerly awaited year-end celebration event is now OPEN:


Timey Wimey 2020!


This is your chance to use the time machine of your choosing to swing back to any point in the WRC year to register for any virtual fitness events you may have missed…because they ALL sold out early this year! The medals are the exact ones distributed this year, and the proceeds from these registrations will go to the exact same charity partners. As always, each medal has its own beautiful custom sublimated ribbon, and comes with your own personalized digital bib!


“Time is a structure relative to ourselves. Time is the space made by our lives where we stand together, forever.”


This means that you can now register for:

Vincent 10k, supporting To Write Love On Her Arms!

Empty Child 5k, supporting The Sheridan Story!

Versailles 5k, supporting Journey Out!

Human Nature 10k, supporting Nurses House!

The Four K, supporting Daphne Legacy Tour!


And now introducing: the Vortex Challenge medal, proceeds to equally support all five of our 2020 charity partners!


The Vortex Challenge is a gorgeous 4″ medal featuring the swirling, spinning mysteries of the Time Vortex itself, the pathway that connects the Doctor’s TARDIS with every point in the past, present, and future!