“Go to the city. Find somebody important. Tell them I’m back. Tell them: I know what they did, and I’m on my way. And if they ask you who I am, tell them I came the long way ’round.”

When the Doctor grows serious, the Universe holds its breath…something intense is about to happen. When the Whovian Running Club decides to celebrate the end of an incredible event season with its first challenge medal, our members hold their breath…because they’re going to get something incredible.

The 2018 year drew to a close with a massive, absolutely gorgeous replication of the Doctor’s confession dial. At five inches in diameter, and weighing in at just under one and a half pounds, it’s the largest medal we’ve ever created, and a fitting tribute to all those in the WRC community who took the “laugh hard, run fast, be kind” message to heart, and registered for all five of the year’s virtual run events.

Proceeds from this Gallifreyan work of art were distributed across all five of the year’s charity partners.