The Stolen Earth Challenge Medal

This incredible 4″ medal, based on the huge crossover episode ‘The Stolen Earth’, features 3-D epoxy planets and a SPINNING Earth that will appear and reappear in the collection of the 26 other planets and moons assembled in the Medusa Cascade!

Along with being able to register to the Stolen Earth Challenge medal, this is your opportunity to hop in the TARDIS or grab a handy vortex manipulator. Your mission: head back to January 2019 (and every other point of interest over the last year) to register for those WRC events you may have missed! The medals are the exact same medals and the proceeds from these events will go to the exact same charity partners.

Nethersphere 9k supporting Dig Deep to bring water to homes on the Navajo Nation!

Totter’s Lane 7.6k supporting Daphne Legacy Tour to save Galgos!

Skaro Sprint Half Marathon supporting BEST Robotics to teach STEM to students!

Trenzalore 11k supporting the Magic Yarn Project to support kiddos with cancer!

Sontar 6k supporting the Turtle Conservancy to help save the Geometric Tortoise!

If you registered for all five of our events in 2019 AND the Stolen Earth Challenge medal, you received the coveted Key to the TARDIS pin and are immortalized in our 2019 Key Holder Hall of Fame.

The proceeds from the Stolen Earth Challenge medal will be divided among all our charity partners for 2019.