Our first event of 2017, and part of the Galgos Series:

The Sonic 7k!

The Doctor’s most valuable tool…it doesn’t wound, doesn’t maim, doesn’t kill…but it’s very, very good at opening doors…and it makes an AWESOME medal! This large 3″ x 4″ medal is the second in the “Galgos Series” of FOUR amazing medals and features 10 different sonic screwdrivers used by the Doctor over the last 50 years.

All proceeds from this event, and the entire Galgos Series, supported two incredible charities working in Spain to save the lives of Spanish Greyhounds…better known as Galgos. SOS GALGOS (oficial)​ and Galgos del Sol​ are the foremost organizations working to rescue and educate the Spanish public about these amazing animals. Bred as hunting and racing dogs, Galgos are a truly noble breed. However, tens of thousands of Galgos are either abandoned or brutally murdered every year in Spain once they reach the end of their “usefulness”. Galgos Del Sol and SOS Galgos are working to change attitudes and laws, educate the public, and rescue thousands of these beautiful creatures. Please visit www.SOSGalgos.comand www.GalgosDelSol.org to learn more about what your participation accomplished!

The Galgos Series raised $21,443.56 to benefit SOS Galgos and raised $21,443.56 to benefit Galgos del Sol.