The epitome of evil. The oldest and most deadly of all of the Doctor’s enemies. And on one desolated planet in the Seventh Galaxy, the origin of it all…

Whovian Running Club continues our 2019 season of incredible and otherworldly places with a race through the most dangerous place in the entire universe:

The Skaro Sprint Half-Marathon!

Skaro was the homeworld of the Kaled and the Thal civilizations, and was devastated by their Thousand Year War. It was during this conflict that Davros created the Daleks, who took Skaro for themselves. The rest was history…and the present…and if they have their way, the future.

All participants receieved this amazing 3.5″ medal that reveals what is underneath that hard Dalek exterior! Half the medal is metal, but the Dalek is squishy PVC rubber! (Life support encapsulation slime for the Dalek not included, because that’s gross.

“Do you want to build a Dalek?”

Hopefully not…Davros taught us that terrible lesson. But there are teenagers who dream of becoming scientists and engineers who can architect and build our future for GOOD…if someone would simply give them the chance. Whovian Running Club is thrilled to announce that our charity partner for this event is BEST Robotics, Inc.!

BEST Robotics is a national nonprofit that provides STEM Education for workforce development through a FREE after-school program and competition for students in middle and high school. The proceeds from the Skaro Sprint will help fund young robotics engineers, and lead them to a local competition where mentors and volunteers help lead them to an incredible future!

To learn more about BEST Robotics, check out their website: http://www.bestinc.org/ 

Skaro Sprint Half Marathon raised $1,712.05 to benefit BEST Robotics, Inc.