Our second ‘standard season’ event of 2017:

The No More 5k!

The War Doctor, portrayed by the late Sir John Hurt, was the Doctor on the day it wasn’t possible to get it right. He stole The Moment from the Time Vaults and intended to use it to end the Time War. Now you can get the Moment (without having to sneak into the Omega Arsenal) as a large 4″ medal.

The War Doctor declared NO MORE to the death and destruction of the Time War. It is in a similar voice that we say NO MORE to the loss of one of the most important species on our planet. We don’t know if it is pollution or climate change or if they are simply returning home to the planet Melissa Majoria, but the bees are disappearing. WRC is excited that our charity partner for the No More 5k was the Bumblebee Conservation Trust(BBCT) in the United Kingdom. The BBCT organizes numerous national, regional, and local projects to reintroduce previously extinct bee species, increase areas of wildflowers, and support these vital insects. Please visit bumblebeeconservation.org to learn more about what your participation accomplished!

The No More 5k raised $11,131.03 to benefit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

In 2018, we re-released the No More 5k during our Timey Wimey event, which raised another $1,110.70 to benefit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.