Whovian Running Club began our 2019 season of incredible and otherworldly places with a race through:

The Nethersphere 9k!

“You know who I am…I told you.”

A face that seems familiar, but can’t be placed…a terrifying discovery that threatens us in this life and the next…and the return of not one, but two relentless adversaries. All of this awaits the Doctor and Clara, beyond the reach of the tangible, living world, and inside a virtual reality created within a slice of the Time Lord database Matrix.

In the two-part story “Dark Water” and “Death in Heaven”, our Doctor and companion have to reach beyond this world to discover the truth behind the 3W Institute’s real research. And behind this complex challenge is the unmistakable, unforgettable, unparalleled mistress of mayhem: Missy! As we finally learn the true identity of the sinister “Scary Poppins” who wove her way through Series 8, we’re hit with a one-two punch in learning that she’s harboring — and creating — armies of Cybermen!

The Dark Water revealed a terrible secret…but we’re going to talk about water and reveal a terrible truth.

Did you know that in the United States, more than 1.3 million people don’t have access to running water? In 2019. Today. 1.3 million people risk disease and other medical problems because of a thing most of us take for granted. Whovian Running Club is honored to announce that our charity partner for this event is Dig Deep and their Navajo Water Project.

Learn more about Dig Deep: https://digdeep.org/ 

Nethersphere 9k raised $2,550.98 to benefit Dig Deep.