Our fourth event of 2018:

The Liz 10k celebrates one of the coolest monarchs in history…Her Royal Highness Elizabeth the 10th! She’s the bloody queen, Mate…basically, she rules! All participants will get this amazing 3″ medal, custom satin ribbon (featuring star whales!), and the always popular custom digital bib.

“…The world must know that we all depend on the beast below.” Seriously…what other charity could we select? It HAD to be whales!! We are honored to announce that our charity partner for the Liz 10k is Oceans Initiative! We’re going to help them do some awesome science to help save the whales of this world! AND thanks to a matching donation from a foundation in California, every dollar we raise will be DOUBLED! Learn more at http://oceansinitiative.org/

The Liz 10k raised $10,004.28 to benefit Oceans Initiative.