Our second event of 2018:

The Handles 5k honors the Doctor’s longest-serving companion: Handles! For 300 years, Handles was with the 11th Doctor on Trenzalore keeping him company as he defended the town of Christmas. All participants will receive this amazing 4″ Handles medal.

The Doctor couldn’t get the parts to keep Handles going, but we’re going to provide the parts to raise up dozens of children. We are honored to announce that our charity partner for the Handles 5k was Enabling the Future (E-Nable) — a global community of amazing volunteers who use 3-D printers to create custom hands and arms for those who were born missing fingers or who have lost them due to war, disease or natural disaster. Whovian Running Club plans to use the Handles 5k to give these children an “upgrade” with the proceeds going to clear backlogs in Sierra Leone, India, and South America! Learn more about their amazing work at enablingthefuture.org

Handles 5k raised $14,239.69 to benefit E-Nable.