Our second event of 2016, and one you had better not take your eyes off of: the Don’t Blink 10k RUN!

Celebrating one of the most terrifying creatures in the universe, the Don’t Blink 10k RUN! featured a 3″ medal with a Weeping Angel, with movable hands to reveal the face of the Angel (just don’t look into the eyes)! The hands are kept firmly in place with magnets, but you might want to keep a mirror nearby, just in case!

While the medal might be terrifying, but our charity partner is nothing but inspiring! All of the proceeds from this event supported Achilles International, and the Achilles Freedom Team of disabled veterans!

It was our goal to sponsor the entire team for a 2017 marathon event, and the Don’t Blink 10k RUN! raised $10,789.72 to support Achilles International and the Freedom Team.

Learn more about Achilles International at: achillesinternational.org

In 2018, we re-released Don’t Blink 10k RUN! during our Timey Wimey event, which raised another $1,536.39 to benefit Achilles International.