We’re at 86 of 200!

With ten days to go in the Skaro Sprint, let’s get an update on our progress!
We’re at 86 of our aggressive but achievable goal of 200 funded kids for BEST Robotics…and there are a LOT of ways we can make this happen.
We’re looking for our teams to dig in for their Whovian Cup points…you don’t want to miss hitting a goal by a handful of registrations! (You hear us out in the Vortex, Time Lords? Did you see the post-it notes on the TARDIS console, Companions? Are you deciphering these intercepted transmissions, Villains?)
And if you’ve already signed on to do your part, the best thing you can do to keep the momentum high is to invite a new Whovian to join the WRC! Tell them all about the great causes we support, the motivating community that runs hard and geeks hard, and the one-of-a-kind Doctor Who bling that they can be so proud of earning…for so many reasons!
Time’s ticking, and the suns are setting on Skaro…let’s RUN!