Let’s talk for a moment about heroes.

If our love of Doctor Who has taught us anything, it’s that the hero doesn’t need a cape, or superpowers, or a badge, or even a weapon. A hero is there exactly when needed — often not even expected — and puts themselves at the center of the problem, doing all they can. They aren’t superhuman…but rather superbly human.

At this time of global pandemic, our world is focused on its health. The fight for safety and well-being touches us all, and impacts our lives in ways we likely couldn’t have imagined. And among the heroes we cherish and to whom we owe so much, there are our nurses.

Nurses are more than caretakers within the healthcare system; they are educators, advocates, and defenders. They contribute to the innovation of patient care, help drive progressive legislation, and are often the first professionals we turn to for information about our health and that of our loved ones.

But who cares for them when they are in the most need? It should come as no surprise: they do.

Our charity partner for the fourth WRC event of 2020 is Nurses House!

For over 75 years, Nurses House has provided short-term financial assistance to nurses in need as a result of illness, injury, or disability. And while it is often difficult for nurses to ask for help in their hour of need, they who live their lives giving “little unremembered acts of kindness and love” deserve extra special care.

These are the heroes among us every single day, the largest component of the healthcare system in the United States. But just like any of us, they face short term illness, injury, or even permanent disability. Many nurses need funds to help pay for such basic needs as rent or mortgage, health insurance or prescriptions. Some face imminent eviction.

Nurses House has specifically coordinated a fund for nurses affected by COVID-19 in partnership with the American Nurses Foundation. This fund will directly assist RNs, LPNs and LVNs who are unable to work due to a COVID-19 infection, caring for a family member with COVID-19, or are under employer mandated quarantine. Every $1,000 we can generate in charity partner support will fund a grant for a sponsored nurse!

Learn everything about this incredible organization on their website, nurseshouse.org, or across their social media channels!