Survival. Hope. Freedom.

Safety and security are a huge concern for every one of us; now more than ever. But as much as we work to protect and shelter ourselves and those we care about, there are a huge number of people — as high as 40 million around the world — who are victims of a crime that isn’t talked about enough.
According to the United Nations, human trafficking affects every country in the world. Trafficking involves transporting someone into a situation of exploitation. Commercially sexually exploited individuals are subject to physical injuries and psychological and emotional abuse on a daily basis.
A sexually exploited individual’s history of victimization and trauma sets them up for a psychological belief that they deserve no better and have no other options. The journey out of such abusive and violent situations is a difficult one, especially because they have often been subjected to abuse since childhood; they are truly the ones left behind. Once they are in it, it is extremely difficult to get out.
We’re honored and humbled to announce Journey Out as our newest valued charity partner!
Journey Out is committed to meeting the ongoing challenges facing victims of commercial sexual exploitation. Through comprehensive service provision with trained, dedicated staff, many of whom are survivors themselves, they empower clients to leave a life of abuse and violence, overcome their fears and achieve their goals. Additionally, they offer prevention education to equip young people with critical awareness and resources that can keep them from ever entering the life in the first place.
In this current global climate, there is yet another problem that those caught in the sex trafficking crisis have to face, and that’s COVID-19 dangers. Journey Out is also keenly aware of these risks, and have added thermometers, hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, and safe food resources to the list of critical distributed materials. Our support of Journey Out will help fund as many as 150 “outreach bags”, containing resources that are of huge importance to exploited individuals.
Survival. Hope. Freedom. These are basic human rights for everyone…and something worth helping them acquire.
Tomorrow at 12pm Eastern, we announce the third WRC event of the year, and can’t wait to start showing Journey Out what we can accomplish for an organization we care deeply about.