Oh, brilliant! It’s finally time to set the controls back to the top of the year, and get wibbly-wobbly!


Whovian Running Club is thrilled to announce that our eagerly awaited year-end celebration event is now OPEN:

Timey Wimey 2020!

This is your chance to use the time machine of your choosing to swing back to any point in the WRC year to register for any virtual fitness events you may have missed…because they ALL sold out early this year! The medals are the exact ones distributed this year, and the proceeds from these registrations will go to the exact same charity partners. As always, each medal has its own beautiful custom sublimated ribbon, and comes with your own personalized digital bib!

“Time is a structure relative to ourselves. Time is the space made by our lives where we stand together, forever.”


This means that you can now register for:

  • Vincent 10k, supporting To Write Love On Her Arms!
  • Empty Child 5k, supporting The Sheridan Story!
  • Versailles 5k, supporting Journey Out!
  • Human Nature 10k, supporting Nurses House!
  • The Four K, supporting Daphne Legacy Tour!

And now introducing: the Vortex Challenge medal, proceeds to equally support all five of our 2020 charity partners!

The Vortex Challenge is a gorgeous 4″ medal featuring the swirling, spinning mysteries of the Time Vortex itself, the pathway that connects the Doctor’s TARDIS with every point in the past, present, and future! 

What makes this a “Challenge”, you ask? That would be the distance: 34 kilometers; the combined total of all 2020 event distances! Since this is a virtual fitness event — and we’re not the Cyberfleet or Sontaran Army, here — you are fully encouraged and expected to break up the challenge distance into multiple sessions.

“Tell me exactly what’s going on, omitting no detail, no matter how strange.”


If you register (either through original events or here during Timey Wimey…or a combination of both) for all SIX of the 2020 medals (Vincent, Empty Child, Versailles, Human Nature, Four K, and the Vortex Challenge), you will automatically become a WRC 2020 Keyholder and receive a FREE TARDIS Key Holder Pin!

It’s newly designed for this year, and will be shipped along with the Timey Wimey registered medals.

“None of us know for sure what’s out there. That’s why we keep looking. Keep your faith. Travel hopefully. The universe will surprise you. Constantly.”


What would a return to this year’s events be without a return of all the event shirts? All five of the 2020 shirts have been relaunched and are available now through Custom Ink in multiple fabrics and styles from tees, to tanks, to hoodies!

Included in this fantastic relaunch of all the 2020 event shirts is the special Timey Wimey 2020 commemorative shirt, which features our incredible Thirteen at her TARDIS doors!

Just like the Vortex Challenge medal itself, proceeds from the Timey Wimey shirt will also support all five of this year’s charity partners!

“Here’s a New Year message for you to send: Earth is protected by me and my mates, this year and every other.”


All registrations will include free digital runner’s bibs, which will upload to the Bib Gallery archive in 48-72 hours after you register. 

Registration for all events closes at midnight on October 4. Since all Timey Wimey medals are ordered in sufficient numbers (so that NO ONE will miss out on a medal they wished to earn), we will mail all Timey Wimey medals in the first week of November when the shipments arrive.

For more information on how our virtual running events work and how we’re changing the world through fanthropy™ (fandom philanthropy), please visit our FAQ.

Sign up today and remember to Laugh Hard, Run Fast, and Be Kind!