It’s finally here! It’s time for some Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey…Stuff!

Whovian Running Club is pleased to announce that the Timey Wimey Year-End Celebration Event is now open!


This is your opportunity to hop in the TARDIS or grab a handy vortex manipulator. Your mission: head back to January 2019 (and every other point of interest over the last year) to register for those WRC events you may have missed! The medals are the exact same medals and the proceeds from these events will go to the exact same charity partners. Yes, you will get the wonderful digital bibs.

CRITICAL INFORMATION: After you enter your address information, you will have a series of “Required” items. You are NOT — repeat, NOT — required to register for every event, but you ARE required to answer each one by either selecting the event OR selecting “No Thanks”. You will see $25 added to your total for each event you select. (If you get to the end and your total is ZERO, you have not selected any events and you should go back and change your answers accordingly.)

“Now, enough of words. Let’s begin.”

Now you can register for:

  • Nethersphere 9k supporting Dig Deep to bring water to homes on the Navajo Nation!
  • Totter’s Lane 7.6k supporting Daphne Legacy Tour to save Galgos!
  • Skaro Sprint Half Marathon supporting BEST Robotics to teach STEM to students!
  • Trenzalore 11k supporting the Magic Yarn Project to support kiddos with cancer!
  • Sontar 6k supporting the Turtle Conservancy to help save the Geometric Tortoise!


  • The Stolen Earth Challenge Medal, which equally supports ALL our 2019 charity partners!

This incredible 4″ medal, based on the huge crossover episode ‘The Stolen Earth’, features 3-D epoxy planets and a SPINNING Earth that will appear and reappear in the collection of the 26 other planets and moons assembled in the Medusa Cascade!

The Stolen Earth Challenge Medal is different from last year’s Challenge Medal. You do NOT need to have signed up for any other events this year. Think of it as simply ‘Event Six’. And the challenge is now the distance: 54.7 kilometers; the combined total of all of the event distances for 2019! Yes, you are fully expected and encouraged to break up this virtual event to complete the challenge distance.

If you register for (either through original registrations or during the Timey Wimey event or a combination of both) ALL SIX 2019 medals (Nethersphere, Totter’s Lane, Skaro, Trenzalore, Sontar and Stolen Earth), you will become a WRC 2019 Keyholder and receive a FREE TARDIS Keyholder Pin! If you are picking up the last medals you need to complete the year’s series, make sure you select YES on the Keyholder question!

“You’re in charge now. And tell the Doctor from me: he chose his Companions well.”

And it’s not just the medals that have returned! All of the year’s past shirts have been relaunched. Available now through Custom Ink with multiple fabrics and styles from tee to tank to hoodie to choose from.

Included in this Timey Wimey reopening of all the 2019 event shirts is the new and wonderfully special Timey Wimey shirt, honoring the hero of ‘The Stolen Earth’: Harriet Jones. Former Prime Minister.


All registrations will include free digital runner’s bibs, which will upload to the Bib Gallery archive in 48-72 hours after you register. Since we have to order The Stolen Earth Challenge Medal in exact numbers, we will mail all Timey Wimey medals the first week of November when the shipments arrive.

For more information on how our virtual running events work, please visit our FAQ.

Sign up today and remember to Laugh Hard, Run Fast, and Be Kind!