“Don’t like bullies, don’t like conspiracies, don’t like people being in danger. And there’s a flavour of all three here. Now, ever hidden in a panelled alcove?”


Whovian Running Club is thrilled to announce the first event of the 2021 season:

5Kerb!am 💥

Your registration includes this stellar 3″ medal featuring the most dangerous product yet handed to us in the Thirteenth Doctor’s era: bubble wrap! The back features the friendly face of the biggest delivery company in the galaxy.

As with every WRC medal, all our registrants around the world also receive a beautiful custom sublimated ribbon, and your very own personalized digital bib!

“Deadly bubble wrap. Totally innocuous, apart from when it’s intercepted here and weaponised.”


Every year, human activity leads to tons of plastic debris ending up in ocean waters, with a huge impact on the health of our shorelines and coastal ecosystems. If we work to eliminate marine debris, it can improve coastal water quality, and protect and preserve shoreline access now and in the future.

We’re so pleased to tell the world that our charity partner for the next Whovian Running Club event is Clean Ocean Access!

From the removal of marine debris from shorelines and harbors before it floats out into the ocean, to the development of domestic recycling streams that will reduce plastics in landfills and tributaries, Clean Ocean Access is firmly focused on improving ocean health, and educating and inspiring the community to take action through environmentally-responsible behaviors.

“I’ll be checking in on you, make sure you’re okay. Got to keep an eye on the ten percent. As my dad used to say, ‘go, organics!’ He was a bit odd, my dad.”


Ninety percent of the fulfilment staff at Kerblam was automated, but here in the WRC, one hundred percent of the fitness work is people-powered! So celebrate the Thirteenth Doctor — and your own organic awesomeness — with the official 5Kerb!am event shirt.

Available in multiple fabrics and styles from tees, to tanks, to hoodies, proceeds will also support Clean Ocean Access!

“I’m stepping it up a gear, going straight to the top.”


Remember that this is a ‘virtual’ fitness event, so you can complete your five kilometer distance however, wherever and whenever you want! How? You can walk, run, skip, dance, or saunter. Where? You can do it around your neighborhood, on the treadmill, or on your favorite trail. When? You can do it on a Monday night, a Thursday morning, or a Sunday afternoon. It’s all up to you!

For some extra fun, the optional ‘run day’ for the event is February 4: National ‘Thank a Mail Carrier’ Day! If you’d like to join hundreds of others across Planet Earth completing some or all of the distance on that day, you’ll be in some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey company!

Registration closes at midnight on February 14. Medals will ship the following week.

For more information on how our virtual running events work and how we’re changing the world through fanthropy™ (fandom philanthropy), please visit our FAQ.

Now, if you want it…go run it!