Past events


The No More 5k!

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The War Doctor declared NO MORE to the death and destruction of the Time War. It is in a similar voice that we said NO MORE to the loss of one of the most important species on our planet. We don't know if it is pollution or climate change or if they are simply returning home to the planet Melissa Majoria, but the bees are disappearing. Our charity partner for the No More 5k was the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust (BBCT) in the United Kingdom. The BBCT organizes numerous national, regional, and local projects to reintroduce previously extinct bee species, increase areas of wildflowers, and support these vital insects. Please visit to learn more about what your participation will accomplish!


The Gallifrey 10.011002k

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Whovian Running Club’s inaugural event was the Gallifrey 10.011002k (the space-time coordinates of the Doctor’s home). This event is the first FOUR medals known as the “Galgos Series” in support of SOS Galgos and Galgos Del Sol to rescue Spanish Greyhounds (called “galgos”) and educate the Spanish public about these beautiful dogs. The Galgos Series medals will be available at various times during 2016 and 2017. To learn more about SOS Galgos and Galgos Del Sol, please visit their websites at: and

Don't Blink 10k RUN!

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Celebrating one of the most terrifying creatures in the universe, the Don't Blink 10k RUN! featured a 3" medal with a Weeping Angel...and the hands MOVE! That's right! You can keep the hands over the eyes or move them to the sides to reveal the face of the Angel (just don't look into the eyes!). The hands will be kept firmly in place with magnets, but you might want to keep a mirror nearby just in case!

While the medal might be terrifying, our charity partner is nothing but inspiring! All of the proceeds from this event supported Achilles International and the Achilles Freedom Team of disabled veterans! The Achilles Freedom Team brings running and marathon opportunities to veterans who suffered trauma while serving in a branch of the United States military, predominantly those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. These incredible veterans run and utilize custom hand-cycles.