What is Whovian Running Club? What is Virtual Running?

Whovian Running Club

Whovian Running Club (WRC) is a charitable program administered by Random Tuesday, Inc. (RTI) – a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN 47-4958349) dedicated to supporting charities focused on veterans, youth, literacy, animals, homelessness, the environment and fighting diseases.

In its first three years, RTI has donated over $800,000 to more than 15 charities by organizing virtual running events designed to promote walking/running, provide unique and awesome medals, and, most importantly, raise money for these deserving charities in order to accomplish our mission of changing the world…one mile at a time.

There are no membership lists, no dues and no fees. You become a "member" of the Whovian Running Club simply by “liking” us on Facebook and admitting to yourself that you'd gladly leave your friends and family if the TARDIS showed up on your front lawn.

Virtual Running

Virtual running, also known as a virtual race, is an event that can be run at any location at any time at any pace. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside or you can participate in another "real-world" race. It's completely up to you! You can run your race at your own pace wherever and whenever you like. Is the distance too long? No problem! You can break the distance up over multiple days to make it more manageable.

Registering for an WRC Virtual Run

You can register for an event by using the "register" link on this website or use the "sign up" button on our Facebook page. These will take you to Events.com, which is the site we use to coordinate our race registrations. Each registration costs $25 and includes your out-of-this-world custom finisher's medal, neck ribbon, and a personalized custom digital bib.

Registration for each event will be open for about a month or until the announced registration limit is reached. About 24-48 hours after your registration, your custom digital bib will be available on our Facebook page under PHOTOS. Please note: in the first week of registration, bibs may take a bit longer as we have a huge number of bibs to create, so please be patient.

Completing your Virtual Run

While registration is only open for a limited time, you can complete your distance at any time. If the distance is longer than you feel you are capable of completing, you can break up the distance over multiple runs. Injured? Please wait until you're healthy! If you've registered, you will receive your medal no matter what. Complete the distance whenever and however you are able.

Also, you don't need to submit a time to get your medal. WRC does not require you to post "proof" of your run as we operate on the honor system (unless you are from Planet Raxacoricofallapatorius...then we demand proof!) If you're registered, you will get your medal...it's up to you to complete the distance.

We welcome everyone to post selfies with their bib or a photo of your GPS watch, Nike+ app, Map My Run, or any other means to the Facebook Event page for each race (and don't forget to post it to your own personal timeline!) so you can receive the congratulations you deserve! You can also use Instagram with #WhovianRunningClub and your picture will appear on our Instagram feed here on the website! You’ll be “Internet Famous!”

Our medals typically arrive a few days after registration closes. We then individually repackage all of the medals, give them a team of Time Agents and send them your way. To confuse average humans, we place a perception filter on them to make them look like normal 21st century US Postal Service mail carriers…and so we don’t have to tell Capt. Jack to “stop it” every five minutes. The TARDIS will also send you a message to your email inbox with tracking information so you can monitor your medal’s progress through the Time Vortex.